Owner Applied Number System

The Owner Applied Number (O.A.N.) System is an identification program developed to assist local law enforcement and property owners in locating lost or stolen property.

The O.A.N. is assigned to the property owner as a personal serial number and can be placed on any type of property, such as hand tools, farm equipment, guns, etc.
If the property is lost or stolen, it can be entered into the nationwide law enforcement computer and tracked directly back to you through the Hardee County Sheriff's Office, if located by any law enforcement agency in the United States of America.

The number consists of ten digits. The first eight are the National Crime Information Center (N.C.I.C.) number that is assigned to the Hardee County Sheriff's Office. The last two numbers and one letter are assigned to you, the property owner.

For example, if a piece of your property that has been numbered with this system is located in California, the law enforcement agency there will identify the number as being the Hardee County Sheriff's Office and contact us. We will then be able to identify the last two numbers and letter as being you. The property owner will then be contacted. 

This system is in place and has been tested and proven throughout the United States and is highly recommended.