If an animal is impounded by the Hardee County Sheriff's Office, there are several procedures in place that must be followed, according to Florida State Statute 588.17.

First, if an animal is impounded, a detective must provide a Notice of Impoundment at the Hardee County Courthouse and two other public spaces. If cattle is impounded, a notice will also be placed in the local newspaper. 

Impound Notice - Auctions

Impound Notice - Cattle for Sale

The notice will provide a brief description of the animal, impoundment fees and the general area of where the animal was located. The notice will also state that after three business days, the animal will be offered for sale, adoption, or be humanly disposed of per Florida State Statute 588.17, if it has not been claimed. 

Once three business days have passed and the animal has not been claimed, the detective will post a Notice of Sale at the same locations. 

The sale of the animal must be done between the 5th and 10th day from the date the notice was posted.