Caring Community Line

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For Hardee County residents wishing to participate in this service:
Caring Community Line Brochure
Caring Community Line Application
Caring Community Line Waiver

For Volunteer Opportunities:
Caring Community Line Volunteer Brochure
Caring Community Line Volunteer Application

The Hardee County Sheriff's Office oversees a volunteer-led community check-in service to ensure participating residents are contacted daily. This is a FREE SERVICE available to all Hardee County senior and/or adult residents. 

Hardee residents who are wanting to participate in this service are required to call or text the 'Caring Community Line' every morning during their assigned call time to complete their daily 'Safety Check-In' requirement. If a participant does not call by 9 a.m., a volunteer for the service will call the emergency contacts listed on the resident's application. If contact is still not made with the resident, a Hardee County Sheriff's Office Deputy will be dispatched to their residence to check on their well-being. The reason for this service is to ensure our residents are safe. Volunteers do not make physical contact with participating residents, they are responsible for making contact by phone only. 

In order for this service to be a success, we are looking for compassionate and dedicated volunteers who would like to give back and serve their community! If accepted as a volunteer, you are required to answer the Caring Community Line cell phone on your assigned mornings. If you miss a call, you must return the participating resident's call to confirm you have received their daily, safety check-in requirement. If residents fail to contact the C.C.L. by 9 a.m., you must call their emergency contacts listed on their application. If contact can still not be made with the participating resident, inform the Sheriff's Office to dispatch a deputy to their residence to check on their well-being. 

If interested in becoming a Caring Community Line volunteer, download an application here. For further information, contact the Hardee County Sheriff's Office Public Information Officer at (863) 773-0304 Ext. 223.

Residents wishing to participate in this service, or family members wanting to sign up a resident, can download an application here and access a waiver here. Once application is completed, call (863) 773-0304 Ext. 223 for further instructions.