Family Crisis Intervention

Peace River Center
Youth and Family Alternatives, Inc.

What is Family Crisis Intervention?
The focus is on single or recurrent problems that are overwhelming or traumatic. If a trauma or crisis is not resolved in a healthy manner, the experience can lead to more lasting psychological, social and medical problems. Crisis intervention provides education, guidance and support. Crisis intervention is not receiving intensive or long term psychiatric care. Crisis intervention may involve outreach, work within the community and isn't limited to office appointments.

Crisis Intervention Includes:
  • Immediate on-site assessment, crisis intervention and counseling, linkage and referral, and follow-up as needed to promote crisis resolution
  • Crisis services are available to everyone in Hardee County who are experiencing an emotional crisis as determined by themselves, a loved one or law enforcement personnel
  • Providing information and education to the community regarding mental health
The following organizations are available to assist you and your family in anyway possible. Please click on the links below to find out more about each one:

Peace River Center, Crisis Response Team
Youth and Family Alternatives, Inc.

Domestic Violence
"No one, not even someone in your family, has the right to hit you, slap you, punch you or hurt you in any way." 

If this is happening to you, you can take action! Knowing your legal rights and other options is the first step toward ending the violence. 

There is a law to protect you
Hay una ley que le protege (Espanol)