Extra Special Person Registry

The Hardee County Sheriff's Office is offering a venue to provide a greater peace of mind to our senior citizens, dependent adults and physically challenged residents that are homebound. From time to time, our dispatch center receives reports from medical alert services of a resident requiring aide from public safety and calls to assist with a lost or disoriented senior. In such cases, requests for assistance may be impaired due to the lack of immediate information about the person.

The Extra Special Person Registry allows for our 911 center operators, law enforcement officers and emergency service personnel immediate information about the special adult, to facilitate a more rapid response in service to the individual. 

To register, you'll be asked to sign a waiver allowing the Hardee County Sheriff's Office to use the information to return the Alzheimer / Dementia victim to you or their caregivers, to provide information on how to access the special needs adult within their home if incapacitated, and / or specific information about the individual that may be required by emergency service personnel. In addition, the waiver allows the release of information about the special needs individual to other emergency facilities such as hospitals.

The registration form contains information as to the physical characteristics of the special needs individual, residential information and a point of contact in case of an emergency. A photograph will also be requested for individuals registering based on Alzheimer / Dementia. The information will be stored in an electronic database accessible to emergency personnel 24 hours a day.

Registrants are asked to display on their home and / or vehicle the specific registration number issued to them, offering yet another method for emergency personnel to obtain the important data from the 911 operations center of the sheriff's office in the event of an emergency.

ESP Registration Form
ESP Waiver