Dangers of Synthetic Cannabis

January 25, 2019

Dangers of Synthetic Cannabis

Media Contact: Makayla Chancey, PIO

One of the most popular drugs being used in our area right now is synthetic cannabis.

Also known as “poor man’s marijuana,” “touchi,” “spice,” “K2,” and “tune,” this substance is very popular and is typically sold by street level drug dealers.

Synthetic cannabis is created by spraying a variety of chemicals onto any type of dried plant life, ultimately causing users to experience a short, yet very intense high from the chemicals.

This substance is extremely addictive and has a cheap street value, making it easily accessible to users. Packages of this substance can be sold as cheap as $5 per bag.

Individuals using this substance typically remove pieces of tobacco from a blunt and replace them with the synthetic cannabis to smoke.

Signs of use may include “zombie-like” movements, drowsiness and deranged behavior.

Typical items that are found when using this product include lighters, clear sandwich bags and bongs, including those made from drinking containers.

More specific items include large amounts of loose tobacco that would have been taken out of a blunt or cigar, pieces of blunt packaging wrappers, specifically the “2 for 99 cent” advertisement at the top, and pieces of used blunts left behind called “roaches.” These items may typically be found on the floor of a room or of a vehicle.

Using or being in the possession of any amount of synthetic cannabis will result in a felony charge.

There have been multiple hospitalizations associated with the use of this substance. Please be advised that it is extremely cheap, easily accessible, highly addictive and very dangerous