Individual wanted by U.S. Marshal Service found hiding in attic

February 5, 2020

Individual wanted by U.S. Marshal Service found hiding in attic

Media Contact: Makayla Chancey, PIO

On Tuesday, February 4, 2020, the Hardee County Sheriff’s Office Drug Task Force was contacted by the United States Marshal Service Fugitive Apprehension Task Force in regards to a wanted suspect, Mario Orosco, possibly being at a residence in Wauchula, FL.

Receiving this intel, detectives quickly responded to 615 Saunders Street in an attempt to locate Mario Orosco. Once on scene, laughter and music could be heard coming from inside the residence, and after knocking on the door, all sound coming from inside stopped abruptly.

Detectives again knocked on the door, while announcing they were with the Sheriff’s Office, and waited outside for approximately 30 minutes until a female, identified as Janesse Orosco, came outside. When asked if there was anyone else inside, she said no and that she had just woken from a nap. Shortly after, Jazmine Venegas, who also lives at the residence, arrived on scene and said no one else should be inside.

Detectives were given consent to search the residence but were unable to locate Mario. Further investigation revealed that Janesse helped Mario hide in the attic to avoid apprehension.

Creating an opening in the attic, detectives found Mario Orosco hiding inside. Once he was secured and taken into custody, detectives noticed a strong odor of marijuana to be coming from the kitchen area. A red, heart shaped container sitting on a table seemed to be the source of the smell and a box of clear baggies was placed next to it.

Opening up the plastic heart, 17 small baggies containing marijuana were inside, each placed into the holes where chocolate should be. The total amount of baggies recovered containing marijuana weighed approximately 19 grams with packaging.

Mario Orosco was booked into the Hardee County Jail for resisting an officer / obstructing without violence and seven felony warrants out of Pennsylvania for the possession of illegal drugs with the intent to sell or deliver.

Janesse Orosco and Jazmine Venegas were also arrested for marijuana possession and drug equipment possession and/or use. Janesse was also charged with resisting an officer / obstructing without violence due to her helping Mario hide in the attic.

And even though Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, we highly advise against giving your special someone a heart full of marijuana. Stick with the chocolate and thank us later.