Lt. Earl Harrison
Lieutenant Earl Harrison
Detention Lieutenant / Classification
(863) 767-0873 Ext. 236

Detention Lieutenant:
The Detention Lieutenant supervises, coordinates and oversees the day-to-day operations of the detention facility, to include the supervision of 4 shift sergeants and their assigned line staff, along with the overall care, custody and control of the detention facility's inmate population.

Shift Supervisors:
Each Detention Shift Supervisor Sergeant supervises 1 Detention Deputy Corporal and 3 Detention Deputies, comprising a Divisional Squad.

Shift Supervisors manage, coordinate and assist their assigned line-staff. They also conduct and complete the day-to-day operations of the facility while ensuring the care, custody and control of the facility's inmate population is maintained. 

Day-to-day activities include new intakes, releases, transfers, the feeding of meals, inmate movements, inmate recreational activities, inmate program movements, inmate visitation, inmate sanitation details, and inmate laundry.

 Sgt Muse  Sgt. Taylor
Sergeant R. Muse
Shift Supervisor
 Sergeant C. Taylor
Shift Supervisor
 Sgt. Money  Sgt. Hoskins
Sergeant M. Money
Shift Supervisor
Sergeant J. Hoskins
Shift Supervisor