Hardee County Sheriff's Office

Warrants Unit


The Warrants Unit is under the supervison of Sgt. Larry Benavides and Communications Unit Supervisor Christy Reschke. One Warrant Specialist, Sara Townsel currently staffs Warrants.


The Warrants Unit is charged with ensuring the quality of information contained in various Federal, State and Local law enforcement databases.

Much of their work involves the entry and quality control of information in systems designed to track arrest warrants, child support warrants and domestic violence restraining orders.

Warrants Specialists work closely with the Clerk of Courts office, the Department of Revenue and the Detention Division to ensure the validity of charges and terms of detention. They work with other agencies to place and release holds on subjects arrested in other counties or states on Hardee County charges.

Warrants Specialists also perform local bacground checks and do fingerprinting. Part of their duties also includes answering incoming Administrative calls and serving customers at the front window.

Complete backgound checks can be obtained online on the FDLE website.


For more information contact the Warrants Unit Supervisor Christy Reschke
Office: 863-773-0304  ext 204  Fax: 863-773-3865  email:creschke@hardeeso.com