School Resource Deputies

The Hardee County Sheriff's Office provides School Resource Deputies to the local public schools in Hardee County, with the exception of Wauchula Elementary School, which the Wauchula Police Department serves. 

Our School Resource Deputies are committed and dedicated to protecting our students, faculty and staff. 

Lieutenant Nicholson

Lieutenant Clay Nicholson

School Resource Deputy Supervisor
(863) 773-0304 Ext. 207

School Resource Deputies

School Resource Deputy Contact

 Hardee Senior High School

 Deputy Carree Williams
 Deputy Jennifer Soria

 (863) 773-0304 Ext. 328
 (863) 773-0304 Ext. 308

 Hardee Junior High /
 Hilltop Elementary

 Deputy Maria Hall
 Deputy Dan Arnold

 (863) 773-0304 Ext. 307
 (863) 773-0304 Ext. 331

 Zolfo Springs Elementary / 
 Pioneer Career Academy

 Deputy Jessi Ahrens

 (863) 773-0304 Ext. 360

 Bowling Green Elementary

 Deputy Daniel Gibson

 (863) 773-0304 Ext. 309

 North Wauchula   Elementary

 Deputy Jim Hall

 (863) 773-0304 Ext. 319