Communications Division

Samantha Peiper

Samantha Peiper
Communications Division Supervisor
(863) 773-0304

Christy Reschke
Christy Reschke 

911 Coordinator and Addressing
(863) 773-0304 Ext. 204

Calling 911

The Communications Division handles all 911 calls for Hardee County, including law enforcement, fire department, EMS, and routine calls for service for the Hardee County Sheriff's Office, Wauchula Police Department and Bowling Green Police Department.

The Division is responsible for handling radio traffic, answering multiple phone lines, monitoring activity of all patrol units, communicating with other communications centers around the state, entering and confirming warrants, and other tasks. The Communications Division also receives alerts and notifications from FDLE, Homeland Security and the FBI.

Dispatch Squad 
Dispatch Squad

The mission of the Communications Division is to provide quality service to the citizens of Hardee County in an expedient and professional manner, while respecting the diversity of our community and recognizing that our employees are our most valuable resource. 

The Division is under the command of Major Eddie Davis and is supervised by Samantha Peiper. The Communications Division is staffed with 4 shift supervisors, 12 full-time 911 Public Safety Telecommunicators and 2 part-time PST's. 

Our dedicated employees staff the center 24/7, 365 days a year, including holidays. Their dedication ensures there's always someone to answer the call of citizens in need and to be a lifeline to our officers.

911 Public Safety Telecommunicators receive mandated training and testing to become certified by the State of Florida.

For more information or questions, contact the Communications Division Supervisor Samantha Peiper at (863) 773-0304 or email

For information relating to 911 address changes, contact Christy Reschke at (863) 773-0304 Ext. 204 or email

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