Sheriff's Mounted Posse

Sheriff's Mounted Posse

The Hardee County Sheriff's Office is dedicated to protecting and serving the residents of our hometown, agricultural community, and as hard as the sheriff's deputies try to, they can't be everywhere at once, thus one of the reasons the Hardee County Sheriff's Mounted Posse was created.

Sheriff's Posse formed in 1984
Original Posse Members

Formed in the fall of 1984 under the direction of Sheriff Doyle W. Bryan, the Sheriff's Posse was tasked with duties of crime prevention and detection through patrolling rural communities, assisting in arrests, finding lost persons, gathering and containing loose livestock, and security at local events, just to name a few. Essentially, Posse members are the extra "eyes" and "ears" for the Hardee County Sheriff's Office and other local law enforcement agencies.

Posse Members on Horseback

Through cooperative efforts of the sheriff's office, citizen donations and fund-raising events, Posse members are equipped with two-way radios, flashlights, handcuffs and other equipment to facilitate their work in assisting the sheriff's office.

Due to the fact that no sworn in officers are allowed to join the Posse, it's strictly on a volunteer basis, and ultimately a free community service. Searching back roads where deputies normally don't get to patrol often offers a great community service for citizens who live out of the city limits.

Recently, the Hardee County Sheriff's Office gained a new agricultural unit to better serve the county when dealing with gathering and containing loose livestock. Posse members also help when dealing with animals at large, such as cows, horses and sometimes even goats that break loose from people's properties. Members have access to a trailer and portable fence panels to use to catch the animals and then haul them back to the owner or impound them at the sheriff's office.

If protecting and serving your community with a sense of pride and passion appeals to you, then join the Hardee County Sheriff's Posse today!

For any additional information, please contact Detective Paul Johnson at (863) 773-0304 Ext. 260 or email

Posse Members