Hardee County Drug Task Force

Recovered Narcotics

The mission of the Hardee County Drug Task Force is to suppress illicit drug activities throughout all of Hardee County.

The primary goal of the task force is to make all of Hardee County a safer place to live.

For those users, sellers, manufacturers, and growers of illegal narcotics, the Drug Task Force will be making routine visits to your location very soon. Please afford the unit with respect and your full cooperation. Our jail staff eagerly await to make your accommodations a very memorable stay.

Today, one in four persons imprisoned in the United States is currently imprisoned for a drug related offense. With full county support, we can make our community a better place to live. 

If you have concerns, questions or information about possible narcotic activity in your area, contact Sergeant Jamie Wright at (863) 773-0304 Ext. 352 or email jwright@hardeeso.com. Your information will remain confidential. 

K-9 Zeus Drug Task Force