K-9 Unit

K-9 Harley

The Hardee County Sheriff's Office has four "tracking trained" K-9's assigned to the uniform patrol division, trained for tracking missing, lost or abducted children and adults. They're also utilized to track down fugitives. 

The K-9's are on shift patrol and share "on-call" responsibilities. These are the only tracking K-9's in the county and are often called upon to assist other law enforcement agencies.

The Hardee County Sheriff's Office has a history of effective K-9 application.
K-9's are more than a "tool" for law enforcement, they're partners to their handlers and have only one goal: To Protect and Serve.

What may be "Man's Best Friend" is often an officer's "Best Bet for Survival!"

For any additional information, please contact Lieutenant Andrew McGuckin at (863) 773-0304 Ext. 219 or email amcguckin@hardeeso.com

Sgt. Eversole and K-9 Argo
Sergeant Eversole and K-9 Partner, Argo

Alvarez and Niko
Corporal Alvarez and K-9 Partner, Niko

Deputy Cotto and K-9 Harley
Deputy Cotto and K-9 Partner, Harley

Deputy Layport and K-9 Stella
Deputy Layport and K-9 Partner, Stella

K-9 Jax
Deputy Enderlin's K-9 Partner, Jax