Sheriff Arnold Lanier

Sheriff Lanier

A Hardee County native, Arnold Lanier is a 4th generation citrus grower and cattleman. Well-rounded in the aspects of the community, his roots are solidly placed in Hardee County.

Receiving his Associate of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from South Florida Community College in 1975 and his Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice from the University of Central Florida in 1977, Sheriff Lanier began his career in law enforcement at the Sebring Police Department in 1978 before transferring to the Hardee County Sheriff's Office in 1979.

At the Hardee County Sheriff's Office, he has been a sheriff's deputy, civil bailiff, investigator and member of the Drug Task Force. Deciding to further his education, he graduated from the FBI National Academy in the 183rd Session, the International Academy of Polygraph in 1994 and completed numerous amounts of advanced and specialized law enforcement trainings. 

Arnold Lanier was elected as the 11th Sheriff of Hardee County in 2008 and was re-elected in 2012 and 2016. Sheriff Lanier has devoted his entire career to the citizens of Hardee County and his dedication truly shines in how he supports, interacts with and protects those who live here.

As the chief law enforcement officer of a small, rural community, Sheriff Lanier has had to hold many different roles to ensure the good of the community. From dealing with the struggles of recovering from a destructive storm, to coping with the loss of a fellow friend and officer, he has shown just how capable he is of carrying not only the sheriff's office, but also the entire community through difficult times.

Sheriff Lanier is highly involved with the citizens of Hardee County by taking time out of his busy schedule to speak and visit with people. Always listening with an attentive ear and showing endless amounts of empathy and compassion, he truly stands for all sides of justice.

Dedicated to the future generation, Sheriff Lanier is passionate about the Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches and showcases his commitment by attending and supporting events held by the organization each year.