Florida Sheriffs Association Teen Driver Challenge

Teen Driver Challenge A program of the Florida Sheriffs Association

Managed by the Florida Sheriffs Association, the Teen Driver Challenge prepares teenagers for emergency encounters they will face on the road. Licensed law enforcement instructors teach defensive driving skills and techniques used by professionals, including NASCAR, to help reduce the chances of being involved in a motor vehicle accident. 

Why the Teen Driver Challenge?
Traffic crashes occur every 12 seconds in the United States. Vehicle crashes are the number one cause of death among young adults. Teens are more likely to be killed in an automobile crash than any other. The first step in reducing these statistics is to challenge the teen driver to become a more informed, safer and efficient driver. During the Teen Driver Challenge, drivers will be provided the knowledge and hands-on experience to reduce their chances of being involved in a crash. 

What is the Teen Driver Challenge?
The Teen Driver Challenge consists of an eight hour training course, with the first half learning vehicle information in a classroom environment and the second half on the driving range. 

The Classroom
During the hours in the classroom, students will be provided with a workbook and will review the following topics: 
  • Teen crash facts
  • Knowing your vehicle
  • Use common "senses" when driving
  • Belt yourself, it won't hurt
  • Vehicle dynamics
  • Safe driving can be habit forming
  • Alcohol, the $10,000 drink
  • Aggressive driving
  • Driving exercises
The Driving Range
On the driving range, the students driving course will consist of a variety of exercises to help develop their driving skills. The driving course may include the following exercises:
  • Figure 8 exercise
  • Threshold braking exercises
  • Forward serpentine exercise
  • Reverse serpentine exercise
  • Cornering exercise
  • Off-road recovery exercise
Florida Sheriffs Association Teen Driver Challenge Welcome Letter - Hardee County Sheriff's Office

If you'd like your teen to participate in the Teen Driver Challenge, the following requirements must be completed: