Authority of Law Enforcement Officers

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Authority of Law Enforcement Officers

Florida State Statute Chapter 30 gives the Sheriff the power to appoint deputies. All powers of deputies are derived from the Sheriff, through the powers vested in him by law.

F.S. 30.15 Powers, duties, and obligations -
Sheriffs, in their respective counties, in person or by deputies, shall:
  • Execute all process of the Supreme Court, circuit courts, county courts, and boards of county commissioners of this state, to be executed in their counties
  • Execute such other writs, processes, warrants, and other papers directed to them, as may come to their hands to be executed in their counties
  • Attend all sessions of the circuit court and county court held in their counties
  • Execute all orders of the boards of county commissioners of their counties, for which services they shall receive such compensation, out of the county treasury, as said boards deem proper
  • Be conservators of the peace in their counties
  • Suppress tumults, riots, and unlawful assemblies in their counties with force and strong hand when necessary
  • Apprehend, without warrant, any person disturbing the peace, and carry that person before the proper judicial officer, that further proceedings may be had against him or her according to law
  • Have authority to raise the power of the county and command any person to assist them, when necessary, in the execution of the duties of their office; and, whoever, not being physically incompetent, refuses or neglects to render such assistance, shall be punished by imprisonment in jail not exceeding 1 year, or by fine not exceeding $500
  • Be, ex officio, timber agents for their counties
  • Perform such other duties as may be imposed upon them by law
  • Assist district school boards and charter school governing boards in complying with F.S. 1006.12
Florida State Statute 30.15