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Gun Registration


"Why should you register your gun? When you purchase a gun through a store or a dealer they register it for you with the state, however if you purchase one through an individual or it was passed down to you from relatives, you should register it with a law enforcement agency. Many people for this reason choose to register their gun(s) in the county they live in case they are stolen. It helps when you have registered them to make a police report and you can not find where you wrote down the serial number. Having this information on file will assist law enforcement in locating your gun(s). Fill out the registration form and we will keep this information on file in the unfortunate event it is lost or stolen. This registration is voluntary and the information provided is used only for law enforcement purposes."

If you have any questions please contact the Operations Division at 773-0304 ext. 205 or ext 223

Deputy Joe Marble
Operations Division

Registration Form

Address Line 2:
City or Town:
State or Province:
Zip or Postal Code:
Type of Weapon:
Serial Number:
Where Purchased:
Purchase Date:
Your Date of Birth:
What is your Race:
What is your Sex:
What is your Drivers License Number
Additional Comments:

If you have additional guns to register, after submitting your information, complete the form again for each gun.