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  Oct 7, 2013


Please be aware that several states are issuing warnings to consumers about automated calls targeting cellphone users with a scam that implies their debit cards have been locked due to compromise.  The calls show up as a 4 digit number on caller ID (595-5 is the most-reported number), and prompt the consumer to press the number ‘1’ on their keypad to unlock the card. Once the number one is pressed, the call connects to a live operator posing as a representative from the National Credit Union Association who requests the debit card number, address, and possibly a list of recent transactions. The operator may then also ask for the card’s PIN number. At least one FDLE Member and his spouse have both received such calls today, and several local credit unions have indicated that they are receiving similar reports from their membership. 

If you receive such a call, you should immediately hang up.  It is unlikely that your debit card has actually been compromised; however, you should continue to monitor your accounts for unauthorized activity. 

Remember that your financial institution will NEVER send you an email or cold-call you asking for personal information such as your address, your Social Security Number, credit/debit card numbers, date of birth, etc.; any such communication is most certainly a scam.  If you suspect that your information has been compromised, you should immediately contact your financial institution.