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  Jan 25, 2013

There have been many local reports of computers being infected with a Malware that appears to be very believable from the FBI or the CIA and could put your financial information at risk. If your computer is infected you need to seek the help of a professional to insure that all traces are removed. The following article is a brief summary of what is taking place.

Emails that threaten people with prosecution for viewing lewd images online are driving people to websites that freeze up their computers until they pay ransom.

Versions of the ransomware scam have been around awhile, but the latest emails contain a banner with the names of the Internet Crime Complaint Center and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Vicki Anderson of the Cleveland FBI said people who receive the email get scared because they’re told the agencies are recording their online activities.

Victims are told they can pay a fine in lieu of prosecution, but when they click the link in the email, they’re taken to a “drive-by download” website, a site that installs malware on any computer that visits.

The malware freezes victims’ computers until they pay the scammers –and even if you pay the malware may remain on the computer, putting banking or other sensitive information at risk.

Anyone affected by the scam should file a complaint at IC3 warns that computer owners should contact a professional to remove the malware.

The latest scam is a reminder to keep anti-malware software up to date. Law enforcement agencies do not contact suspects or defendants by email, nor will they demand money from suspects in lieu of prosecution