New Synthetic  LSD
  May 16, 2011

Sheriff Arnold Lanier and the Hardee County Sheriff;s Office in a partnership with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children in observance of National Missing Children's Day held its first campaign to provide a child information saftey kit that included fingerprints and a current photograph for the parents to keep in a safe place in the event their child were to be abducted or go missing. The turnout was great with 116 children participating.  Some parents were so excited that they went back to their neighborhoods and brought  other  family members children to participate.


Sheriff's staff hosting the event from left to right were Deputy Joe Marble, Explorer Tyler Gomez, Catherine Hinerman, Hilda Norman, Gerald Shackelford and Captain Jim Hall. Also assisting were Deputy Manny Martinez (not pictured) who greeted the children when they arrived and maintained traffic control around the Command Center and Explorers Tony Reyna and Maribel Flores who greeted children and parents at the entrance of Wal Mart to explain the purpose of our event

Below are some scenes from the fingerprinting inside the command center.