Anselmo Avalos
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Anselmo Avalos


Alias: Anfelmos Avalos


Race: Mexican

DOB: 08/11/1970

Height: 5'6"FPC: PM 67 11 19 14 PO PO 13 20 18

Weight: 156 lbs.

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Last Known Address: 3316 Valerie Blvd, Sebring, Florida


Occupation: Citrus Worker

FBI#: 468 087 NA4

FDLE#: 3 341 537

 FPC: PM 67 11 19 14 PO PO 13 20 18

Comments: On 3/14/1993 at approx. 10:00 a.m., Avalos went to the rear window of his victim's trailer located at Claman's mobile Home Park, Bostick Road, Wauchula, FL. The victim and her sister were in bed and were awakened by a tapping on the outside of the window. Avalos began a jealous argument with the victim and reached inside with his arm swinging a 4" pocket knife. The swing resulted in the knife cutting the victim's throat from ear to ear leaving a gaping wound. the victim, a 21 year old Spanish female, died from the knife wound. Anselmo Avalos has been positively identified as the suspect. Avalos has past Florida arrests for child abuse, DUI and possession of liquor by a minor.

Description: Wanted for First Degree Murder and Armed burglary w/assault.

Contact Capt. Eddie Davis with any additional information.
 863-773-0304  ext 209

For additional information concerning this individual please
contact Sheriff Arnold Lanier at 863-773-0304  ext 210