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Victim Information and Notification Everyday

What is VINE?

VINE is a toll-free, anonymous, automated telephone service that provides victims of crime and the public two important features:




  • For custody information, call VINE and follow the prompts.  VINE will quickly tell the caller if an offender is still in custody, and the name and location of the facility where the offender is in custody.

  • ANYONE may call VINE to check on an offender's custody status.

  • Live operator assistance is available, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


  • Callers may choose to register for automated notification of changes that occur in an offender's custody status.

  • To register, callers simply enter the telephone number, including area code, where they want to be reached.

  • Callers will also be asked to enter a PIN (personal identification number) for use during notification to confirm that the message was received.


CALL TOLL FREE: 1-877-846-3435

  How do I participate in the VINE service?

  • To find an offender or register for notification, you must call the VINE Service directly from any touch-tone telephone.  To confirm your registration, call VINE at 1-877-846-3435 (toll free).  To ensure notification, call the VINE toll-free number if your address or telephone number changes.  The VINE Service is available in English, Spanish, and Haitian Creole.

  What if I'm not at home or my telephone is busy when VINE calls?

  • The VINE Service will keep trying to reach you.  If there is no answer or the line is busy, VINE will continue to call every half hour for 48 hours.

  • VINE will leave a message on an answering machine, but will continue to call every two hours up to 48 hours, or until a PIN is entered to stop the notification calls.

  • *VINE calls automatically when an offender's custody status changes.  Notification calls will come in the middle of the night for escapes and releases only.  When VINE calls, listen to the entire message, enter your PIN and press the # button on  your telephone when asked.  Entering the PIN and pressing the # lets VINE know that you received the call, and will stop the VINE Service from calling you again unless the offender's custody status changes.

  What is a PIN?

  • The PIN (personal identification number) is a four-digit number that you choose to stop notification calls from VINE.  Entering the PIN, and pressing the # button on your telephone is the only way to confirm and stop VINE notification calls.  VINE will ask for the PIN when it calls you.  To confirm a registration or to change your PIN, call VINE and speak to an operator.

  Can I register more than one telephone number with VINE?

  • Yes.  Your family, friends, and other concerned persons may also check on offender information and register for notification.  Each registration is separate and requires a PIN.  However, you can use the same PIN for each telephone number you enter.  DO NOT register a telephone number that rings to a switchboard, it must be a direct line.

  Does VINE guarantee my safety?

  • The VINE Service is designed to provide you with quick and easy access to offender information/notification, and to alert you when an offender's custody status changes.  DO NOT depend solely on the VINE Service for your safety.

  • The offender will not know you have registered with VINE.  All registrations are confidential.

  • If you feel you may be at risk, take precautions as if the offender has already been released.

  Which offenders are monitored by the VINE Service?

  • Only offenders in the Florida Department of Corrections (State Prison System), the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice, and participating Florida County Jails will be included in the VINE Service.

For more information please call VINE at 877-846-3435 and speak to an operator or visit us on the Web.