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Youth & Family Alternatives,Inc.
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Youth and Family

Youth and Family Alternatives, Inc.

Help for Today, Hope for Tomorrow


Who is eligible?

Families who have a child...

  • Threatening to run away or has run away

  • Beyond parental control

  • Truant from school

Families and/or children are not eligible if...

  • They are under investigation and/or supervision by the Department of Children and Families

  • They are under supervision of the Department of Juvenile Justice


  What are our goals?

  • Stabilize the child an family through crisis counseling and intervention.

  • Identify problems and service needs for the child and family.

  • Provide case management to ensure access to prevention, diversion and treatment services.

  • Provide counseling services, when appropriate, based upon a complete family assessment.


  What will it cost?

  • Youth and Family Alternatives, Inc. is a non-profit organization.  All fees for assessment and counseling services are based on a sliding scale.


  What happens when you call?

  • A telephone screening will be done to determine eligibility.

  • If eligible, a counselor will be assigned to you and will seek to make an appointment as quickly as you are able.

  • A complete assessment will be done and a sevice plan developed to address the needs.

  • Regular counseling sessions will be scheduled.


  What can you expect?

  • Confidentiality- No client information is released without written consent

  • Appropriate referrals for services, including substance abuse and mental health needs

  • Crisis counseling or intervention

  • Case management


Our services are provided to families on a voluntary basis, except in the case of truancy referrals from the local school system.


  • 2212 S. Florida Avenue, Suite 100, Lakeland, FL  33803

  • Business Phone: 863-499-2430

  • Business Fax: 863-499-2434