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 Neighborhood Crime Watch

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                 TAKE A STAND AGAINST CRIME!

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  "Neighborhood Watch, Block Watch, Town Watch, Building Watch, Crime Watch- whatever the name, it's one of the most effective and least costly ways to prevent crime and reduce fear.  Neighborhood Watch fights the isolation that crime both creates and feeds upon.  It forges bonds among area residents, helps reduce burglaries and robberies, and improves relations between law enforcement and the communities they serve."


  Why Neighborhood Watch?

 1. It Works!  Throughout the country, dramatic decreases in burglary and related offenses are reported by law enforcement professionals in communities with active Watch programs.

 2. Today's transient society produces communities that are less personal.  Many families have two working parents and children involved in many activities that keep them away from home.  An empty house in a neighborhood where none of the neighbors know the owner is a prime target for burglary.

 3. Neighborhood Watch also helps build pride and serves as a springboard for efforts that address other community concerns such as recreation for youth, child care, and affordable housing.


  How does Neighborhood Watch start?

A motivated individual, a few concerned residents, a community organization, or a law enforcement agency can spearhead the efforts to establish a  Neighborhood Watch.    Together they:

 1. Organize a small planning committee of neighbors to discuss needs, the level of interest, and possible community problems.

 2. Contact the Hardee County Sheriff's Office for help in training members in home security and reporting skills and for information on local crime patterns.

 3. Hold an initial meeting to gauge neighbors interest; establish the purpose of the program; and begin to identify issues that need to be addressed.

 4. Select a coordinator

 5. Ask for block captain volunteers who are responsible for relaying information to members.

 6. Recruit members, keeping up-to-date information on new residents and making special efforts to involve the elderly, working parents, and young people.

 7. Work with local government or law enforcement to put up Neighborhood Watch signs, usually after 50% of all households are enrolled.


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  The Hardee County Sheriff's Office hopes to make every neighborhood in Hardee County a "CRIME WATCH NEIGHBORHOOD". For information about starting a NEIGHBORHOOD CRIME WATCH program in your community contact Katherine Hinerman at 863-773-0304 ext 201 or email khinerman@hardeeso.com.