Hardee County Sheriff's Office

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Wauchula, FL 33873
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Hardee County and The Sheriff's Office

Hardee County was founded in 1921 and consists of 630 square miles that are mostly rural areas. There are 3 incorporated municipalities within the county: Bowling Green, Zolfo Springs and Wauchula which is the county seat. The present population of Hardee County is 28,333 full time residents. The major industries for the county are citrus, phosphate mining, vegetable farming and cattle, both beef and dairy. During the harvesting season, the population increases due to the influx of migratory workers.

The Hardee County Sheriff's Office was also established in 1921 with the first Sheriff being J Poucher, who served from 1921 until 1925, a four-year term. Since Sheriff Poucher's tenure, there have been ten other Sheriff's to this date.

The present day Hardee County Sheriff's Office is comprised of four Divisions; Administration, Law Enforcement, Detention and Support Staff. The Patrol division has 21 full time sworn Deputy Sheriff's with 4 Shift Sergeants, 4 Corporals and 1 Lieutenant. Each shift has a K-9 officer and an Agricultural Deputy. The Criminal Investigations Division is manned by 9 investigators who work property, persons and narcotics cases. There are 3 full time Warrants personnel, 5 Civil/Bailiffs and 12 Communications Operators. The administrative staff is made up of the Sheriff, the Colonel, the Major, an Administrative Assistant, a Finance Officer and an Administrative Captain who oversees professional standards, operational matters, civil, warrants, training, communications and S.R.O.'s. In our Detention (Jail) Division we have 23 certified officers with 1 administrator, 1 Lieutenant, 4 Shift Sergeants, 4 Corporals, a Classification Officer, a Commissary Clerk and 3 medical personel.

The Chief Executive Officer is Sheriff Arnold Lanier who was elected in November 2008 and was sworn into office on January 6, 2009. Sheriff Lanier has over 31 years of experience in law enforcement. He began his career as a road deputy, civil division and was promoted to investigator where he worked in all aspects of the Criminal Investigations Division (CID). He was promoted to Law Enforcement Commander where he supervised all deputies and investigators. This position is third in command to the Sheriff. He served for 12 years as the Chief Deputy to the previous Sheriff Loran Cogburn. Whe Sheriff Cogburn retired, Lanier ran for office and was successfully elected. Throughout the years he has attended numberous training schools ranging from narcotics to executive training. With this extensive training and over 31 years of experience in law enforcement, the community knew when they elected him that he was fully qualified to serve as Sheriff of Hardee County.

On a personal note, the Sheriff and his wife Amy have 6 children and 2 grandchildren. They are active in their church, charitable activities and other community organizations. Their family partnerships include citrus and cattle.