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Sheriff's Posse

Early Posse Days
Early Posse Days

Posse 2008
Posse 2008

  The Hardee County Sheriff's Posse was formed in the fall of 1984 under the direction of the Sheriff Doyle W. Bryan through the cooperative efforts of the Sheriff's Office, citizen donations and fund raising events sponsored by the Posse members.  Through these efforts the Posse was equipped with two-way radios, flashlights, handcuffs, and other equipment to facilitate their work in assisting the Sheriff's Office.

  The original Posse had 13 members with then agricultural deputy Gordon Stephens as the liaison officer in charge of the Posse.  Three out of the original 13 members currently remain on the Posse.  These are Buddy Colson, Harold McClelland, and Collins Mauldin.

  The Posse has proven to be a tremendous asset to the Sheriff's Office.  Their assistance and involvement with community affairs and projects is clearly a boon to the citizens of Hardee County.  The number of thefts prevented, properties protected and persons assisted through the Posse's efforts would be impossible to tabulate.

  The primary duties of the Posse members are that of crime prevention and detection through patrolling the rural areas of this largely agricultural county.  They are the extra "eyes" and "ears" for the Sheriff's Office and other local law enforcement agencies.  Other duties of the Posse include assisting in arrests, locating stolen property, finding lost persons, securing crime and accident scenes, gathering and containing loose livestock, animal control and security at public events.

  Each year the Posse logs thousands of hours and miles in assisting the Citizens of Hardee County and the law enforcement agencies operating within the County.  This assistance is provided at very limited costs to the taxpayers of Hardee County.

 "The Citizens of Hardee County can be proud of the work of the Sheriff's Posse and the contributions it makes to the community and the Hardee County Sheriff's Office.  In a time when crime prevention programs are making the news and citizen involvement activities are becoming more and more evident, the people of Hardee County have had this program in their community for more than 31 years!"

Arnold Lanier, Sheriff


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