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Inmate Mail

For Correspondence through the mail a return address is required. Inmates receive their mail at:

          Inmate Name, ID Number
          Hardee County Sheriff’s Office Detention Facility
          900 East Summit St.
          Wauchula, FL 33873

Inmates are not authorized to receive packages of any kind via the U.S. Postal Service, through another source or through family members attempting to leave packages at the control room. They will be returned to the sender.

The Detention Facility will accept after Medical approval  and authorization: prescription eyeglasses (no sunglasses), hearing aides and prosthetic devices (not deemed a threat to the security of the Facility).

No other items will be accepted without prior written authorization from the Detention Administrator.

Indigent inmates may order an “Indigent Package” weekly.

The package contains two (2) Post Cards and one (1) flex pen for mail correspondence.

Inmates found sending or receiving contraband in the mail will be held accountable to any applicable Florida State Statutes and the Rules and Regulations of the Facility.

No inmate will be allowed to receive or send mail to any individual incarcerated in a Federal or State Prison, County Detention Facility, Jail or Municipal lock up unless prior approval is obtained in writing from the Sheriff, Detention Administrator or his designee.

The Detention Facility will not accept Greeting cards of any type or form for inmates. They will be returned to the sender unopened.

The Detention Facility will not accept the following items via the mail; stamps, writing paper, pens, and pencils.  They will be returned to the sender.