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Facility Facts:


The Current Hardee County Sheriff’s Office Detention Facility was constructed in 1992, and opened in 1993 with a Daily Average Inmate Population of 60 inmates.

  • The Detention Facility is designed to house a maximum of 218 male, female or juvenile inmates.
  • The Detention Facility has thirty (30) cells in various cell sizes to facilitate and assist in housing inmates with different categories of inmate classifications.
    • One (1), two (2) person cell
    • Two (2), one (1) person medical isolation cells
    • Seventeen (17), four (4) person cells
    • One (1), six (6) person cell
    • Four (4), Ten (10) person cells
    • Five (5), Twenty (20) person cells
      • The Intake / Release (Booking Area) contains an additional two (2), sixteen (16) person holding cells and one (1), one (1) person isolation cell to assist Detention Deputies in isolating and processing individuals during intakes, releases and transfers.
  • The Detention Facility is designed with an internal Courtroom integrated with a Closed Circuit Television connection to the Hardee County Courthouse. 
    • The Closed Circuit Television connection allows for court proceedings to take place in the Detention Facility reducing the need to move inmates from the Detention Facility to the Courthouse.
    • A large television screen is present in the lobby area of the Hardee County Sheriff’s Office for friends and family members of an incarcerated individual to view court proceedings to include; First Appearance Hearings, Felony Court, and Misdemeanor Court.
      • Family members and friends are not authorized admittance into the Detention Facilities internal Courtroom.
  • The Detention Facility was accredited by the Florida Accreditation Commission in June 2004, Re-Accredited in October 2007, the Detention Facility is no longer Accredited due to cost constraints.  The Detention Facility maintains the Accreditation Standards and is inspected annually by the Florida Model Jail Inspection Team.
    • To review the requirements and inspection standards of the Florida Model Jail Inspection select the link below.
    • Florida Model Jail Standards –2018 (English only)”