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Drug Task Force

Hardee County Drug Task Force

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The Hardee County Interagency Drug Task Force is comprised of representation from four agencies with a mission to suppress illicit drug activities throughout ALL of Hardee County.  Member agencies are Hardee County Sheriff's Office, Wauchula, Bowling Green, and Zolfo Springs Police Departments.                                                      

The primary goal of the task force is to make ALL of Hardee County a safer place to live.  With teamwork, combating illegal narcotic distribution can be a success.  This teamwork in sharing resources, intelligence, and financial support allows us to reduce the supply of illicit drugs on our streets.

Grant funding for the 2009/2010 year increased the current drug task force by two additional officers. Wauchula Police Department currently designates two full time officers into the unit for a seven personnel strong unit. Together with the court systems and strong prosecution, we will make a difference. For those users, sellers, manufacturers and growers of illegal narcotics, the drug task force will be making routine visits to your location very soon. Please afford the unit with respect and your full cooperation. Our jail staff eagerly await to make your accommodations a very memorable stay.

Today, one in four persons imprisoned in the United States are currently imprisoned for a drug offense.  With everyone's help, we can make Hardee County a better place to live.  If you have concerns, questions, information about possible narcotics activities in your area, call Captain Eddie Davis at 863-773-4144.  Your information will remain confidential.


  The Stats:

2001-2002- street value of narcotics confiscated was $164,500

2000-2001- street value of narcotics confiscated was $139,515

1999-2000- street value of narcotics confiscated was $313,397

1998-1999- street value of narcotics confiscated was $8,000,000+