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Agriculture Crime Prevention


A message from the Sheriff....

"Agriculture is the major industry in our county, and by far encompasses the largest area of square miles.  The Sheriff's Office is committed to the ranchers, growers and related businesses of agriculture.  This web page was provided to assist you in helping us identify, report, investigate and prevent agriculture related crimes."

Arnold Lanier, Sheriff

  • Brand fruit tubs and tires with I.D. numbers.

  • Stamp or braise I.D. numbers on equipment and machinery.

  • When leaving fruit trailer in the field back them with their tailgates together to prevent theft or dumping of fruit.

  • Install a hidden in-line fuel cut off on tractors and grove equipment.

  • Keep fences in good repair and place "NO TRESPASSING" signs in visible locations.

  • Brand cattle and keep records of your livestock.

  • Secure any small tools and equipment that is easy to carry.

  • Keep barns and storage area locked and well lit at night.

  • Install gates where they cannot be taken off the hinges.

  • Limit access to your properties and check frequently.

  • Report any suspicious activity to the Sheriff's Office immediately.