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It is with deepset sorrow and regret that Sheriff Arnold Lanier announces the loss of Deputy Sheriff Julie Ann Bridges. Deputy Bridges was involved in a fatal traffic accident while on-duty in the early morning of Sunday, September 10, 2017.

Deputy Bridges was a 13 year veteran with the Hardee County Sheriff's Office. Her death is a tremendous loss to our agency and to the Hardee County Community. 

(The following poem is shared from the Brotherhood of Christian Law Enforcement Officers, http://bcleo.us/  )


It is not just another profession
On your soul this job leaves an impression
The sights your eyes are force to see
Can make one for their sanity plea
You take an oath to enforce the laws
Then in the system you discover the flaws
You risk your life each day you go to work
Chasing and arresting some stupid jerk
Then there are those moments when you think you understand
Why you chose to do this job and to take a stand
The look on a mothers face when you find her missing child
Or when an air tight case against a thug you have compiled
Some of the things you encounter you can never forget
The thought of them brings on a cold sweat
A childs lifeless body lying on the road
People trapped in a vehicle about to explode
Fresh blood streaming on a cold winter night
From a young man stabbed to death in a fight
A mothers screams of horror upon being told of her childs death
The strong smell of alcohol on a drunk drivers breath
What brings a person back to this job each day
One thing for sure it is rarely the pay
It has to be a calling of sort
Because it sure has the makings of a life cut short
Whatever the reason that we heed the call
It's a job that requires giving your all
It takes support from people like you
On those very tough days to get us through
So when you see an officer in blue, brown or green
Take a moment and to GOD pray
Pray for our families their support is a must
Pray for our safety because ( IN GOD WE DO TRUST )


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